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UMWEMA Morogoro is a non-profit sharing NGO committed to assisting poverty-stricken and marginalized communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is “to be a leading organization in human rights education, health and sustainable development in Tanzania.”

Our Mission

Our mission is “to incorporate government institutions, development partners, and CSOs in building capacity to communities to improve the living standard, health status and equality through health service trainings, seminars, workshops, community meetings, advocacy and conferences.”

Our Core Values

We believe in teamwork, transparency, integrity, respect, accountability and volunteerism. These values shall serve as principles of conduct that shall guide us towards achieving our strategic ambitions.

What We DO

The following are the projects already implemented by UMWEMA.

Kizazi Kipya (USAID New Generation)

Kizazi Kipya project funded by USAID through Pact Tanzania was concerning for caring and empowering young people that focused to enable orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) aged 0-18 and young people age 18-19 to access comprehensive HIV related and other services and to improve the capacity of OVC and their caregivers in order to strengthen care and access through integration of family economic strengthening and parenting skills.

Mwanzo Bora Nutrition Program (MBNP)

Mwanzo Bora Nutrition Program (MBNP) was a six-year program with aim of improving nutrition status of children, pregnant and lactating women that was focused on early childhood development by considering reduction of stunting within their first two years life. Target groups of this project are reached through peer support groups where parents and care takers of under two years children are joining in the groups to learn various positive nutrition practices through developed social and behaviour and communication kit.

HIV Prevention

Peer Education on HIV prevention and Home Based Care

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Active involvement of Sponsors is a key to the success of different projects and the ability to meet the implementation outcomes established

The Sponsor is needed to help and refine development of Honors Projecr Proposal and Application

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WASH DEMONSTRATION One among the beneficiary during WASH Demonstration at Mjimpya ward in Morogoro Municipal practising WASH Behaviours of washing hand by using Tippytap (Kibuyu Chilizi). The attended beneficiaries emphasized to establish tippy -tap at their household level.



Anti-Corruption Initiatives at grassroots level in public services



Cross picture of participants who attended workshop training on Public Expenditure Tracking held at Teachers’ Resource Centre Hall in Mkuyuni ward, Morogoro district.



Field Visit to provide technical support to existing model farmers on good Agricultural Practices



During establishment of community demo plots



Establishment of Keyhole garden at community level






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Athumani Bohari

Executive Director

Masudi Makullah

Director of Finance and Administration

Restuta Ngonyani

Program Manager

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